All Saints Episcopal Church

210 W. Main Street
Safford, AZ 85546

Phone:       928-348-9430

 The Rev. Canon William T. Holt III,
 Interim Priest

 Lay Curate Devin Scott Gillespie    

      Office Hours:    Sunday 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM   

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the Pews

      Highlighting members of our congregation…

Music enhances the worship experience at All Saints.

We invite you to worship with us!

Those with musical ability are a welcome feature of All Saints worship services, providing special musical interludes during services, when appropriate, as well as preludes to the order of worship, and often providing a musical "welcome mat" for those arriving early on Sunday mornings. Cantor Devin Gillespie is featured in rendering the Psalms, as vocals, and instrumental music is provided by pianist Pat Gelbach, organist Gwen Lewis, and Ken Lee, who can handle the standard six-string and bass four-string guitars. Rudy Dalpra fills in the gaps, playing favorite hymns on the organ, "by ear"

The group invites anyone with a musical talent, to join in!

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